Virtual MSK Radiology Fellowship

I help radiologists to increase their confidence and speed in MSK

PD Dr Christoph Agten

Expert MSK Radiologist with a YouTube Channel

This is my personal homepage, where you can find all my MSK teaching channels in one place! My material might not be a high-end glossy professional production, but since you are already here, I guess you (and I) do not care. I care about content and how I can help you to become a better MSK radiologist - by free content on YouTube to 1on1 mentoring as my fellow - it is your decision!


JOIN the ULTIMATE MSK Radiology Fellowhip online course.

Here are the highlights of the new course (Launch 16th August):

  • 9-modules training (but you can also learn at your own pace - no time limit).

  • 1 joint per module with a mix of video lectures of anatomy, high yield topics that people struggle with

  • each week several DICOM cases to report, submit the report, get feedback with a gold reference report and a video explanation of the case

  • 2x live Q&A sessions every week, where fellows can ask questions about their own cases (which they can submit)

  • all Q&A sessions will be recorded and archived and available on-demand too.

  • Q&A session will continue even after finishing the course

  • CPD / credits will become available, subject to approval

  • Nice certificate upon successful completion of the course

Contact me today to learn more!

Virtual MSK Fellowship

For those of you who want to really get a deep dive into MSK radiology, I offer 1on1 teaching online*. It is a great way to focus on your personal needs or want to train more one specific area in MSK radiology. It helps you to become more confident and faster when reporting MSK studies, especially MRI. Available in English and German.

It is not a structured program, but highly personalized. You decide what we together work on. You can share your own cases that you struggled with recently and we discuss them, or I can share my own cases that I think are helpful. You also get access to my masterclass, to my private fellow group on collective minds radiology and access to my exclusive Patreon videos and more.

How to become a fellow

If you are interested in getting to that next level, contact me to book a free phone call, where we I will get an understanding of your situation and expectations and I can explain in detail, how the virtual MSK radiology fellowship works and we can discuss wether it makes sense for you or not.

*1on1 is currently fully booked

Learn MSK on YouTube

I have about 100 YouTube Videos in which I teach you MSK radiology. Each video focuses on one particular teaching point. I publish a new YouTube video every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on my schedule.

Get exclusive MSK videos

Become a supporter of my youtube channel and get exclusive videos. You can become a patreon for as little as $2 per month, but there are also higher packages with more exclusive perks.

Become a faster Radiologist

In my best-selling book "SPEED - MSK RADIOLOGY" you learn tips and tricks to improve your reporting speed in MSK radiology. Paper version available only on Amazon for just $19.

Wrist MRI Masterclass

What is it?

In this online video course, I teach you the relevant stuff you need for wrist MRI reporting. The course comprises 2 hours of theory and over 2 hours of case discussions. In contrast to normal courses, I discuss random cases with you, not the typical findings, not the nice cases but just a collection of everyday stuff, sometimes ugly, sometimes nothing special. I am convinced that this helps you more than a collection of beautiful teaching cases because lets face it, your next wrist MRI will be some non-fancy stuff, where you struggle with equivocal findings. Therefore in this course, I try to give you guidance how to deal with the everyday stuff!

Special introductory offer!

The course is still under construction and therefore available at a reduced price until it is finalized. So take this early chance to improve your game. CME credits are not available yet and will come with the final version.

Reduced price: £150 (save over 50%)!

Patreons get additional 10% off!